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We uphold plant quality in our nursery through meticulous attention to proper fertilization, suitable temperature, humidity regulation, effective watering, and shading management. These tailored measures ensure that each plant receives the specific care it requires for optimal health and quality.

Yes, we do have a minimum order quantity, which is defined as a single lot. The lot size varies depending on the size of the vehicle used for transport. It can range from 500 to 2500 pots, accommodating different vehicle capacities and your specific needs.

Yes, you can customize your order to meet your specific requirements. However, please note that custom orders must include a minimum of 25 varieties of a single type or variety of plant. You can also choose different stages, including young plants, polybags, and pots, to suit your specific needs.

Availability varies depending on the season, but some of our products are available throughout the year. For specific details on product availability, please contact us, and we will provide you with more information based on your requirements.

Yes, you are welcome to visit our nursery during our working hours which are from 9 AM to 5 PM on working days. We recommend scheduling an appointment in advance to ensure that we can provide you with our full attention and assistance during your visit.

You can order through our website. Alternatively, you can also connect with us via WhatsApp for personalized assistance. We’re here to make the ordering process as easy as possible for you.

We offer multiple payment options for your convenience. You can make payments through our bank account, QR codes, or other digital methods. Detailed payment information can be found in our payment section for your reference.

  1. Our goods are loaded onto pallets to ensure safe transportation. However, upon request, we can also provide box packaging for all individual units, offering an extra layer of protection during shipping. Your specific packaging preferences are important to us, and we’ll accommodate them to meet your needs.

We offer delivery services to all the locations having road connectivity, ensuring that we reach customers across a wide range of areas and regions.

We begin sorting the plants as soon as we receive your order. Typically, within 48 hours, your plants will be sorted and prepared for loading, ensuring a prompt order processing time.