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Plants take care of you , Create a nature corner in your home

Pick curated purifying foliage, lucky succulents, and colourful blooms from Vivero Garden.

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We will be with the plant at every step of the way till it reaches you.

We cherish nurturing this gift that grows with time

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Succulent Tips

Tips to Remember When You Bring Your Vivero’s Lucky Succulent Home.

Plant Renovation

Let’s see some of the best plant care recommendations to get started.

Container Selection

Looking for the right container for your Vivero Buddy? Read here to decide!

Gardening Kit

We recommend a half-a-dozen tools for the basic gardening kit.

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International celebrities at home in Darjeeling and Kalimpong

On a recent visit to Kalimpong and Darjeeling, I almost, but not quite yet, met two international celebrities that have settled comfortably in this corner of our country. One, a century-old ginkgo near a former industrial estate in Kalimpong, and the other, a 175-year-old maple on the grounds of a school in Darjeeling. Both have […]

Why You Should Use Seaweed Fertilizers?

Now, no more use of synthetic fertilizers to get lush, green, bountiful gardens. Seaweed fertilizers are a win-win for both plants as well as the environment. This organic fertilizer has been a time-honored fertilizer as it has been used for centuries.  The ancients knew about the benefits of seaweed fertilizer and how easy it was […]

A care guide to White Berry

White berry, which is popularly knowns as Snowberry is among the few plants with such a fitting name. It is a deciduous shrub, which means its leaves fall off every autumn. White berry welcomes by embellishing itself with a cluster of pink bell-shaped flowers that is later replaced by a cluster of white berry fruit […]