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Pink Asiatic Lilium ,(Lilium Asiatica)


6″ inch pot

Color – Pink

“One true love”

Lily symbolizes purity and virtue. In Greek mythology, the lily is believed to have been created from the breast milk of Hera, wife of the main God in the Greek pantheon-Zeus. The Asiatic lily will start blooming as soon as you plant them. Covered with a delicate blade of leaves, these fragrant star-shaped flowers make for a perfect gift to a friend you love and adore. Each bulb will give 4 to 6 large flowers that will come into bloom almost simultaneously. The bulbs will fill up an 8-inch pot with beautiful pink blooms round the year.

“Flowering will be according to season. Images are for representation purpose only.

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Plant Care

  • Water the pot well on arrival. Place the pot where it can get at least 8 hours of sunlight.
  • Water well on alternate days.
  • Let the plant remain in the pot in which it arrives for upto a year.
  • For the next year, transfer it to a 10-12 inch pot to support further growth.
  • Well draining ordinary potting soil can do a great job in housing the roots of a lilium

Disclaimer : Your Vivero Buddy will be packed and sent to you in the best available option of pot at the time of packaging.


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