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Plant in 4-inch pot.

Parsley is a Mediterranean herb. It has been cultivated for more than two thousand years. Parsley was seen growing on the side faces of rocky hills in  Greece. Therefore, it was named after petrose, which means rock.  Initially, Parsley was primarily used in medicinal preparations to cure bronchitis and toothache. For Romans, parsley was the perfect hang-over cure after a rich banquet feast. A few leaves of parsley chewed after a meal remove all food smells, even strong ones like those of garlic and onion. Parsley has endless culinary uses in soups, stews, grills, sandwiches, and herbal butters. Parsley is a good source of minerals – iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and folate. It also contains Vitamins A, K, and C, that are essential for bone health. Studies suggest that antioxidants in parsley may bring down high blood sugar levels, making it an effective dietary resource for managing diabetes. It may also boost immunity by supplying the body with the antioxidant apigenin. It is easy to confuse celery and parsley when the plants are small, as both have similar leaves. As the plants grow older, celery stalks become much wider than the parsley’s, making recognition easy. Your Vivero parsley has been grown in crisp mountain air that keeps it fresh and hydrated.

Freesias tend to grow back every year. Freesia also multiply and grow more plants by spreading fertilised seeds. This means a bustling garden with beautifully pigmented flowers in every season! With the aroma of fresh juicy fruits, you will fall in love with our freesia. They leave your garden looking meticulous with little care and love. The freesia flower embodies trust, when you give a bouquet  to someone, it means you totally believe in them. Know someone who perfectly deserves this gift? Get your Freesia with a special potting mix from vivero gardens today!

Flowering will be according to season. Images are for representation purpose only.

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Plant Care

Water Water moderately when the top soil dries out.
Sunlight Place in a cool shady spot.
Soil Loose aerated soil.
Nutrition Add organic fertilizer every 3 months.


Disclaimer: Your Vivero Buddy will be packed and sent to you in the best available option of pot at the time of packaging.


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