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Hibiscus double colour Pink with Red Centre (Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis)


 1 plant in a 5 inch pot

Colour – Pink with red Centre

Scientific Name

“Oh sweet Hibiscus song, your free spirit dances in the bloom of life”

Hibiscus is representative of love, beauty and passion. Bring it home for divine femininity. Hibiscus is a low maintenance highly blooming flower that can make your garden look like a tropical heaven. With little care and love you will be rewarded with years and years of beautiful blooms. The pink hibiscus essentially signifies platonic love, hence making it a perfect gift for friends or family.

Blooming Season – Round the year   

“Flowering will be according to season. Images are for representation purpose only.

Plant Care 

  • Place your pot where it gets at least 8 hours of sunlight.
  • Water the pot every 3-4 days or whenever the soil feels dry

Disclaimer : Your Vivero Buddy will be packed and sent to you in the best available option of pot at the time of packaging.


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