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Aglaonema Manila Beauty


“What a re-leaf”

 Aglaonema Manila Beauty is the plant of your dreams. This Chinese evergreen has beautiful dark green leaves that have long silver patterns. It is a low-maintenance plant that is pet-friendly, and it has feng shui associations. Aglaonema Manila beauty is said to bring in luck and is a certified air purifier too. Get this one for your office desk or home; it will fit in perfectly everywhere.

“Flowering will be according to season. Images are for representation purpose only.


Plant Care

  • Keep your Aglaonema Manila Beauty in Indirect Bright Sunlight
  • Water once every 4- 5 days or whenever the the top half of the soil feels dry
  • Make sure any excess water is drained out immediately.
  • Do not leave sitting water in the saucer.
  • Pruning is suggested to revitalize your plant and keep it healthy.


Disclaimer : Your Vivero Buddy will be packed and sent to you in the best available option of pot at the time of packaging.




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