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Basic Plant Care Tips

  1. Know your plant: Care for your plants like you would for a pet. They require the right atmosphere, correct nutrition, and lots of nurturing care to thrive. Read the care instructions carefully, talk to your plant-loving friends to inform yourself about plant care.
  2. Lights! Plants! And Action! : Not every plant requires bright light throughout the day. Some plants like a table in a shady nook. Put your plant in the right light and see them get into action.
  3. ‘Change’ is the only constant (but not with plants!): Plants don’t like change – of place, in light, in watering. Relax and breathe with your plant.
  4. “It is our choice(s), Harry!” – Yes! Plants choose their own pots and we can bet on that. Plants outgrow their homes with time. We have the right size and type of pots for all the buddies we offer.
  5. Magic Potion : Using the correct potting mix works wonders. It makes the plant healthy and joyful. You receive your Vivero buddy with correct potting mixes.
  6. Good Trim Day! – Plants love grooming. Do not hesitate to trim wilted leaves and de-heading dry flowers .
  7. “Hey buddy!” – Talk to your plants often! No, it’s not creepy. Rather, it helps you bond with your plant and nourishes it. Enjoy your favourite tunes and melodies with your plants.