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Perennial flowers for your garden

Before we start this article, can we agree on the statement that “Gardening as a hobby is an absolute delight!” It’s calming, it’s relaxing, and it’s a refreshment.

BUT, and it is a big BUT!

It can get exhausting at times. 

Let’s be honest. Absolutely no one has the time or patience to sit down and pull out the dried plants, sow new seeds, and painstakingly nurture them, only to repeat the process every few months unless they are a gardener by passion or career.

Despite this, you want beautiful blooms to adorn your gardens and spaces if you are a nature lover. No worries, you may easily transform your garden into a beautiful floral space by adding vibrant perennial flowers. These gorgeous blooms will continue to spread cheer all year round. All you have to do is to choose flowering plants that put on a colorful display in all seasons, and you’ll have a never-ending show as the months pass.

Planting annuals is the simplest way to achieve consistent color. These flower powerhouses provide eye-catching color that, in many cases, lasts for multiple seasons.

Let’s make gardening more enjoyable without sacrificing the quality of the garden, and prevent ourselves from the pain of having to plant seeds all over again? Here is a list of perennial flowering plants that will bloom all year.

Spider lily


Spider lily is one of the most beautiful 365-day flowering plants in India. It has earned its name from the shape of its stunning flower, which surprisingly resembles a spider. 

Individual shots of spider lily emerge from the earth through a bulb. Each bulb will grow numerous sprouts, each with strap-shaped leaves that can reach a length of 2 feet (60 cm).

Then in the middle of summer, stunning white blooms emerge from the tips of these same leaves. The flowers have a 5-7 inch long tube that turns white near the end.

This remarkable bulb-based plant, also known as “beach spider lily,” thrives in perennial conditions and is also easy to maintain.

All summer long, these one-of-a-kind 365 days flowering flowers will look like spiders crawling across your flower bed and gardens. Beauty isn’t the only great thing about these annual flowers. They will also fill your home with a pleasant vanilla smell. If you have this plant in your garden, its flowers will undoubtedly stick out due to their unusual appearance.



We don’t need to tell you that- the orchid blossoms are absolutely stunning! 

Very few flowers can ever rival the beauty of orchids, and even fewer have a reputation for the exotic aroma. Many orchid varieties are reasonably easy to maintain. Even inexperienced gardeners may make them bloom and thrive.

There are dozens of orchid species and their hybrids. Still, two generally are particularly popular: phalaenopsis hybrids (also known as moth orchids, which have large leaves at the bottom and long stems topped by pink, white, yellow, or purple blooms) and dendrobium hybrids (also called cane orchids, which bear several flowers along with leafy, upright canes). They’re both so stunning so even if you can’t decide which one is more suited for your perennial garden, just get both. You really can’t go wrong with this.

These annual flowers are relatively easy to care for. There is just one basic rule- never pouring water directly on a blooming orchid blossom, or the flower will wilt. This plant-likes humidity; it thrives in such an environment in which it grows well. This plant does not require soil to propagate.

It requires an organic potting combination, such as coconut fiber shells, charcoal, and so on. Do not use homemade fertilizer; orchids require entirely orchid-specific fertilizer, which is purchased at a nearby nursery.



Without question, the rose is one of the most beautiful perennial flowers in the world, but what distinguishes it is its capacity to bloom all year.

Rose flower plants are very common flower plants in India, and they can be found in almost every home. These are 365 days flowering plants in India, so they bloom all year. If you want your rose plant to grow healthily, remove any unwanted grass dead rose blossoms and make a delicate cut of 2-3 leaves with a stem.

After trimming its branches, sprinkle this annual flowering plant with turmeric powder. Inorganic fertilizer should not be used. Add organic fertilizer such as eggshells, vermicompost, old tea, and so on. Rose blossoms come in a variety of colors, including red, pink, yellow, and black.

Rose is a robust perennial flower that can weather India’s scorching summers; maintain cutting the dead branches from time to time to keep your plant bushy.

When growing roses in India, choose a native (desi) rose that is more suited to the country’s climatic conditions.



A list of 365 days flowering plants in India would be incomplete without mentioning the Hibiscus flower plant. This plant requires rich soil to thrive, so the potting soil should have an equal amount of vermicompost, soil, and sand.

All you need to care for these perennials is a balanced regimen of water, nutrients, and sunlight. Apply liquid fertilizer once every 15 days. It requires 6-7 hours of direct sunlight and should be watered on a daily basis. In the summer, it should be watered twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

Hibiscus is one of the simplest 365 days flowering plants to grow. It will continue to shower you with its lovely blooms throughout the year in India.

It is a long-growing plant that requires a nutrient-rich environment to thrive and produce a bloom.

Hibiscus prefers to be in direct sunshine and to be watered on a daily basis.

However, don’t overwater it, as this can lead to problems.



Chrysanthemum, or the mum as we like to call it popularly, is another gorgeous 365-day flowering plant. The plant is one of the best 365 flowering plants in India, producing a large number of lovely flowers. This perennial flowering plant can be propagated 10-12 inches in diameter in a flowering pot. 

This plant needs adequate sunlight on a daily basis. Once the buds are visible, apply liquid fertilizer once a week. Every 15-20 days, apply liquid fertilizer.

Another thing we’d like to mention is that removing the crown of each branch will result in several branches sprouting from the plant’s lower area. This technique will result in a large number of flowers blooming, approximately 300-400 flowers. Just try this procedure if you don’t believe us.

Peace lilies


Next on the list of eye-catching beauties that can flower for 365 days is the Peace lily. We guarantee that these stunning flowers will end up becoming your favorite flowering plants.

Furthermore, this plant thrives in the shade.

So, suppose you have a problem with not getting enough sunshine in your area and being unable to cultivate plants. In that case, the peace lily is the perennial flower.

This flowering plant requires almost minimal care; simply feed it a high-quality seaweed fertilizer before blossoming and water it whenever the soil becomes dry.



Floral Kalanchoe is a lovely flowering succulent plant that grows well in pots.

Kalanchoe is a perennial flower that has bright, sharp hues such as yellow, red, pink, orange, and white, and it always flowers in a bunch to provide your garden with numerous little bouquets of vividly colored plants.

This annual flowering plant can reach a height of 12 inches and requires very little care. Simply offer a well-drained potting mix and plenty of light for the plant, and you’re all set to go.

It requires very little maintenance and water because it is succulent.

Remember to give it plenty of sunlight and water only when the soil becomes dry.

Baby sun rose


Baby sunrose is a low-growing ground cover plant that blooms the most beautiful flowers all year. Its leaves are appealing, too, due to their tiny and thick shape. This perennial flowering plant’s leaves add to its charm. 

You can grow the baby sun rose in a hanging basket or pot indoors during the winter. This 365-day flowering plant cannot grow to its full capacity in a cold climate.

These plants prefer string stem cutting on a regular basis to foster new growth. 

For optimal growth, it requires full sunshine and moderate watering. Baby SunRose is a relatively simple plant to germinate by cutting roots.



Chandini is a bushy perennial flowering plant. This is a hardy plant with low maintenance requirements. 

You can add cow dung fertilizer along with some amount of neem Khali when it comes to its fertilizer needs. This 365-day flowering plant needs proper sunlight to grow well.

You can’t get enough of the Chandni plant for all the right reasons. The plant features gleaming white petals and a sweet-smelling aroma that would melt anyone’s heart. In India, it is also known as Harsingar or Parijat.

Night Jasmine is not an actual jasmine plant but rather a jessamine plant that includes tomatoes and peppers. Because of its exceptional flowering properties, it is ideal for privacy hedges and screens.

After going through this list, we are sure you can’t wait to order your favorite 365 days perennial flowers. Head over to www.viverogarden.com and pick your favorites from our curated collection of colorful perennial flowers.

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