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Shinrin-Yoku in Sattal Pançavati

In June, when it was nearly fifty degrees Celsius in Delhi, I gifted myself a shinrin-yoku in the Sattal forests. Shinrin yoku is Japanese for forest bathing: a form of ecotherapy involving sensory engagement with sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touch of the forest. Coined by the Japanese Ministry of Forestry, Agriculture and Fisheries in […]

International celebrities at home in Darjeeling and Kalimpong

On a recent visit to Kalimpong and Darjeeling, I almost, but not quite yet, met two international celebrities that have settled comfortably in this corner of our country. One, a century-old ginkgo near a former industrial estate in Kalimpong, and the other, a 175-year-old maple on the grounds of a school in Darjeeling. Both have […]

Why You Should Use Seaweed Fertilizers?

Now, no more use of synthetic fertilizers to get lush, green, bountiful gardens. Seaweed fertilizers are a win-win for both plants as well as the environment. This organic fertilizer has been a time-honored fertilizer as it has been used for centuries.  The ancients knew about the benefits of seaweed fertilizer and how easy it was […]

A care guide to White Berry

White berry, which is popularly knowns as Snowberry is among the few plants with such a fitting name. It is a deciduous shrub, which means its leaves fall off every autumn. White berry welcomes by embellishing itself with a cluster of pink bell-shaped flowers that is later replaced by a cluster of white berry fruit […]

Everything you need to know about Kaner Plant

Colorful flowers are always a great way to pretty up any garden space. They simply add a warm ambiance to your place. Oleander or Kaner plant is a showy and very adaptive shrub that offers a wide range of colors for your garden. It is also called Nerium Oleander where the term ‘Oleander’ means two […]

Mogra Flower: A Multicultural Wonder!

If you are looking for a flowering plant that makes a distinctive addition for your garden then the Mogra flower plant is your best bet. Arabian jasmine or Mogra flower plants are evergreen tropical shrubs and vines. This evergreen blooming shrub is among the most loved plants in India. As it adorns itself with gorgeous […]

The Marvellous Beauty of Sontakka Plant!

Flowering plants forever create your garden look additional exciting and will stop neighbors in their tracks to admire their beauty. And when you plant a perennial bloom with gorgeous flowers and aromatic fragrances like Sontakka Plant, they please your mood and surrounding.  The Sontakka flowers have magnificent blooms that give out an intense fragrance when […]

The Bewitching Beauty of Bonsai Chandni Plant

The jasmines plants are loved for their fragrant flowers and their appearances that can vary from upright shrub to trailing vines. From over 200 species of jasmine, the crepe jasmine or Bonsai Chandni Plant is among the most adored ornamental shrub plants. It normally blooms during the night hence it is named the Chandni plant […]

The Golden Duranta: A Jewel for your Garden.

Duranta erecta, commonly known as Duranta hedge plant, Golden Dewdrop, Pigeon Berry, and Skyflower, is a flowering shrub in the Verbenaceae family. Duranta plant is a huge broadleaf evergreen shrub with a robust growth pattern. The Duranta plant, a member of the verbena family, normally grows 2 to 4 feet tall in areas where it […]

Brahma Kamal: The mythical beauty of Himalaya

This article brings you all the information about a mysterious and mythical flower named after the most mighty God of creation – the Brahma kamal flower. It blooms in the snowy mountains of the Himalayan range. Brahma Kamal is a rare, legendary, and mythological plant that is particularly well-known in India for its spiritual and […]

What Makes Russelia Plant So Special?

Firecracker plant or Russelia plant is symbol of new beginnings. This plant can be your best bet as a winter houseplant if you live in a year-round warm climate. Because of its resemblance to horsetail rushes, its scientific name Equisetiformis, comes from the Latin Equis, meaning horse, and seta, meaning bristle. Famously known as Firecracker […]

The Rakhi Bel: A Cross Cultural icon!

The Rakhi Bel is a flower revered across cultures globally. This peculiar but gorgeous flower is also known as the Passion Flower Vine and Krishna Kamal. Its names signify how significant it is to different cultures and mythologies across the globe. The Rakhi Bel is linked to both Hindu and Christian beliefs and mythologies, which […]

The Zesty Zamia Plant!

If ornamental indoor plants are what you are looking for, might we suggest the zamia plant? Adoringly called the ZZ plant, it is known by many other names, and the most common one is the cardboard palm plant.  Zamia furfuracea is an ancient plant with a highly resilient personality so that you may grow it […]

Best Flowering Succulents

 A bouquet of flowers is gorgeous but they are hard to keep alive for days. So, next time you want to buy some colorful flowers then, get a flowering succulent instead of a bouquet. Succulents are admired by many plant parents as they are a lot more than surreal geometric shapes, fat foliage, thorns, unique […]

Perennial Flowers for your garden.

Perennial flowers for your garden Before we start this article, can we agree on the statement that “Gardening as a hobby is an absolute delight!” It’s calming, it’s relaxing, and it’s a refreshment. BUT, and it is a big BUT! It can get exhausting at times.  Let’s be honest. Absolutely no one has the time […]

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