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 A bouquet of flowers is gorgeous but they are hard to keep alive for days. So, next time you want to buy some colorful flowers then, get a flowering succulent instead of a bouquet. Succulents are admired by many plant parents as they are a lot more than surreal geometric shapes, fat foliage, thorns, unique colors, etc. They are also capable of giving terrific blooms that can enhance the beauty of any spring garden. These flowering succulents bring a charm to your garden arrangements be it indoors or outdoors. If you are a veteran plant parent then you already know how convenient growing succulents can be. Those green jewels are persistent and resilient. They do quite well on their own even if you don’t pay attention to them for some time. Succulents are already loved for being handy gifts with some deep meaning and significance behind them. So, you can get a blooming succulent if you want to gift your loved ones a vibrant and meaningful gift that they can keep for a long time. 

If you are a succulent enthusiast then, this blog is just for you. Here we will try our best to convince you why they are best and will introduce you to some of the best flowering succulents. 


Reasons to buy flowering succulents

In Fengshui, succulents are considered to be carriers of good fortune and positive energies. So, gifting someone a flowering succulent can make an impression because it is both unique and meaningful. With uniqueness, we mean that blooming succulents offer much variety and diversity so there is always a compact for every purpose. 

For succulent enthusiasts, it is no news that they are hassle-free. You can go on ignoring them for days and still find them thriving flawlessly. Flowering succulents come at similar prices to that of a bouquet of flowers. In fact, they are a wiser choice over bouquets, especially during peak times like weddings, Valentines’, or graduations. These compact fellows are easy to find locally too. 

Another reason to buy a flowering succulent is that you can propagate new succulents from them. Many succulents propagate from leaves, so surely casting off some leaves out of your succulent arrangement can result in extra plants! Plus, when it grows you could also take cuttings from the flora and pot them someplace else. 

Now, if you have understood why flowering succulents are so special, it is time to find the best blooming succulent for yourself. 

14 Best Succulents that bloom

1. Cactus Mammi Magnimamma


This succulent is a native of Mexico and is a vigorous fighter that can grow even on the barren lava fields. It has a lattice stem that bears striking gorgeous magenta flowers at the intersections. Being an untiring fighter and fuss-free plant, it can be easily grown in any indoor garden as well as outdoor gardens.

2. Crassula Springtime


It is a jade plant that is also known as a money tree or friendship tree. In Fengshui, this succulent signifies friendship and prosperity. Just like its name, this tiny succulent blooms between late winter and early spring. It decorates its top with delicate pink flowers that have a mild fragrance that is sweet enough to attract bees and butterflies. 

3. Moon Cactus


Cactus makes a great addition to enliven the spirit of any decor. Here is Moon Cactus are also known as Red Cap cactus, this blooming cactus grows a colorful body at the top due to the unusual lack of chlorophyll there. Besides red and orange, this colorful body can be found in about 15 different colors including, yellow, purple, and white. This gorgeous cactus can sit graciously as a table-top decoration on an office desk or living-room table.

4. Pincushion Cactus


This is one of the most popular succulent varieties out there. It is admired for its tiny and adorable appearance and has many interesting names like Fishhook cactus and Globe cactus. If provided optimum water and sunlight, this tiny fellow may reward you with pleasant pink flowers in spring. 

5. Titanopsis


This native of South Africa is a captivating clumping succulent. Its name comes from the ancient Greek, ‘Titanos’, which means limestone, and ‘opsis’, which means looking like. Growing with warty idioblasts, this produces magnificent yellow flowers in early summer and spring. They can be used to levitate the beauty of any indoor as well as outdoor decor.

6. Painted Lady Echeveria


This succulent forms a compact rosette with its silvery blue and green leaves. If cared for well, in the spring season, this plant may reward you with a gorgeous stalk of yellow-pink flowers. The balance of pastel combination between the flowers and leaves makes this succulent look exotic in any indoor as well as outdoor plant arrangement.

7. String of Pearls


This vining succulent is easy to recognize due to its tiny pearl-shaped leaves. It is often grown in a hanging basket so that its gorgeous leaves can trail gracefully. Its blooming cycle starts in early summer and at that time it produces tiny white flowers that have a strong cinnamon-like scent.

8. Peanut Cactus


You are already aware that cacti are a great addition to every interior decor. They are relatively easy to care for and won’t desert their owner even after being ignored for a long time. They also have numerous shapes and sizes to offer to you. Just like that, the peanut cactus is little low-growing cactus that is a native of mountainous areas in Argentina. In early summer, the plant decorates itself with bright orange flowers that cover most of it.

9. Crassula Ovata


Jade plants are the ideal choice for newbie plant parents. If they are kept in ideal condition, these bonsai plants can grow 3-4 feet high. The glossy oval-shaped, dark green foliage are its main forte but in early spring, this plant produces star-shaped pink or white flowers.

10. Christmas Cactus


If you want to add a festive vibe to your home then, a Christmas cactus would be an ideal pick for you. They bloom during Christmas and bear striking gorgeous flowers in warm shades of red, pink, and purple sometimes. 

11. Echeveria Doris taylor


This fuzzy flowering succulent is a hybrid of Echeveria and has silvery green leaves with a reddish tinge at the tip that intensifies with temperature extremes. This compact bears spectacular reddis-orange flowers in its blooming cycle. These flowers contrast pretty much with the leaves of the compact but also give it an attractive visual. This plant is a wonderful pick to give your succulent arrangement a new look.

12. Ice Plant



Famous for its needle-like leaves and an excellent choice as ground covers, the Ice plant bears attractive daisy-like flowers during its blooming cycle. It can grow 3-4 inches high and spreads quickly like a shrub making it a better choice for outdoor gardens.

13. String of Buttons


This native from South Africa sprawls and its leaves stack on top of each other in a criss-cross pattern. This succulent is loved by many beginner plant enthusiasts for being easy to care for. During its blooming cycle, it decorates itself with a cluster of yellow and white flowers that make it look outstanding.

14. Crown of Thorns


This flowering succulent is probably one of the best on this list. It is fuss-free and can be grown easily indoors as a houseplant. It can also thrive outdoors in frost-free environments. With proper care, you may be rewarded with never-ending colorful flowers that will make your space look exotic.

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